Diego, from California

I have been using La Planchetta almost every day since I set up my grill. I use it for almost anything... veggies, potatoes, fish, meat, chicken, eggs... I really like the versatility. Also it cooks fast and evenly. It is definitely the best addition for my grill !!!

Denise, from Las Vegas

I love my Planchetta! This griddle is perfect for cooking my veggies and gets a really good sear on my chicken. What I really like most is the size it's really wide and I can cook both my break fast and lunch at the same time if I really wanted too. On top of all of that the clean up is super easy!

Martha, from Arizona

I came home to find this on my bed, an early mother's day gift from my kids Ricardo, Dee, baby Richie and Cielo. I love my plancheta!! Thank you my loves!!!

 Marisa, from Arizona

La planchetta make my life easy! Is a great product, fun to work with and make no mess! The food taste great, I am very satisfied with it!




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